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Ben/Jack fic
Quiet Robot
key_sama wrote in ben_jack
Title: Reason
Characters: Ben, girl!Jack
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Written for PornBattle 8 on Dreamwidth for the prompt Lost, Ben/girl!Jack, hatch, shifting obsession
Summary: Ben thinks on a new obsession during his imprisonment as Henry Gale.

I didn't understand. Why? Why a tumor? Hadn't I been loyal, hadn't I done everything I'd been asked?

Title: Of Rabbit Holes
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ben/Jack
Word Count: 2751
Spoilers: Set after the S5 finale.
Summary: Jack's back from the 70s, and Ben's been chased from his people. What happens to the ex-leaders on their own?
Author’s Notes: A million years late for [info]gottalovev at [info]lostsquee's Luau. You said you didn't mind reading Jack even though you don't like him. There are several 'firsts' for Jack and Ben in here, virgin!Ben the most obvious.

Jack was sore, dizzy, and completely fed up with waking up alone in the jungle...

Title: Morning
Rating: R
Pairing: Ben/Jack
Word Count: 1556
Spoilers: Few, but a vague S5 reference.
Summary: AU Jack was with the tail section, and one of the first to be taken by the Others.
Author’s Notes: My OTP for eponine119  at lostsquee 's Luau. Wanted to try something a little different with them.

“Ben, ready to get up?”

Title: But...the Future Refused to Change
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Jack/Richard, Jack/Ben, Jack/Sawyer, Jack/70s Eloise, implied Jack/just about everyone, Ensemble
Word Count: 3803
Spoilers: All seasons, S5 especially.
Summary: So Jack got his reset...and he got his reset...and he got his reset...and he got his reset... *skips a few* ...if only he could get it to stop.
Author’s Notes: Inspired by a few too many episodes of Endless Eight, title is a Chrono Trigger reference. Late for

alemyrddin  at lostsquee 's Luau--hope it's close enough to magic! The problem with ideas like these is making yourself stop--if anybody wants to write out their own iteration, I've left plenty of wiggle room so feel free!

We've entered an endless recursion of time...

Title: Magic Potion
Pairing: Ben/Jack
Word Count: 1887
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Though S3
Summary: Jack is given an experimental injection instead of a tranquilizer in the Hydra. The effects are unpredictable.
A/N: I wrote this as a Halloween story, but I don't know if it turned out too scary.

“...shouldn't be reacting like this.”


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